Before you proceed with the reading of this article, I recommend you to read the other article about Asian Handicapping where we put more time to study the meanings and terms. In this article, I will proceed in defining everything essential about the Asian Handicap. Learn how to place your stakes with the help of the Asian Handicap method. Read below and you will realize that isn’t as hard as it looks.

What does it mean draw no bet?

To begin with, Asian betting centres are spreading out worldwide about their actions, but have a closer look and notice that the term Asian Handicap is also being named levelball.

The way that draw no bets works is that it is made that you select your result, make a stake on it, however in lieu getting a loss for your bet if the matches ends a tie you compensate it. The thing which you perform is to have an insurance of bet on the result that you staked by holding a stake on the draw which is included. This is an option which can be seen as a provision opposite to the draw.



For instance, you possess $100 for this specific stake, and you have plans to play some sport matches. You desire to bet on Fullham at their own ground to win against Tottenham. Before the match is being played, you know that Fullham is currently on fire and Tottenham is playing without its best players on the pitch. Examining the draw no bet choices you see the odd 1.60. But when you visit our website you will notice some difference. We have searched and found 2.35 for Fullham and 3.30 on the tie option.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the draw no bet method you stake $69.697 on Fullham and $30.303 on the draw option. That makes totally 100$ staked. If you manage to win and Fullham scores a win, so you get awarded with $63.788. But, unfortunately if you don’t have that experience and Tottenham makes it 1-1 in injury period your $30.303 bet x 3.30 makes your bet of 100$ refunded.



From the mentioned above, we get the home odds together with the draw insurance in something like 1.64. As you can notice, this is 0.4 better than in the beginning.



Normally, when making stakes with the Draw No Bet method you don’t get any poundage if the match is tie. Anyway, you can benefit from checking out the review page where there is data about the latest thing on the sport scene.



Matches that you believe would be with low goals are the real betting possibilities. A big chance exists to fail your whole stakes in this type of matches, so this draw option is a perfect choice. For instance, the chances when the team you have made a stake on is having the lead with 1-0 and they are a few minutes left only. The other rival is playing at its best to make a draw. This is quite a common situation which we all know how they end up.

Teams who are quite good and make always draw matches are the one you should pick. These teams are normally the top ones where the battle between them is vicious and there isn’t a big difference in the goal scoring table.

The Draw No Bet method decreases financial rotation of the gamblers. Insane instability in somebody’s finances are ideally defiance for the majority of the gamblers and this methods assists you to be relaxed.



The Draw No Bet method is a precious Asian Handicap option which can be used throughout your whole life. There is no reason to make a pause now. Learn how to make stakes properly with this method and success will be around the corner, waiting for you.

I believe that you have read the whole article and studied everything carefully as this is quite essential, if you ever want to benefit from making any stakes in betting centres for the future.





Let’s suppose that you have examined the last article based on Asian Handicapping. If you failed to do then go back and read everything! This writing will be about single and double Asian Handicapping. All of these meanings are quite simple to be understand, however they are still essential to be known. Double Asian odds allude as Asian odds stakes and present more outcomes from the classic earning or losses who go together with the stake. Single Asian odds allude as Asian Handicaps where the choice is limited.


Suppose that Real Madrid is playing in the Portugal League against Benfica. Real Madrid is strait at -1.25. The denary odds suggests for Real Madrid are 1.85. Benfica has the odds for a beginning of 1.25 goals or said in Asian Handicapping words; 1.25 balls forward. The denary odds suggested for Benfica are 2.05

Benfica versus Real Madrid model




Return when 1-1

Return when 1-2

Return when 1-3

Real Madrid -1.25






Benfica +1.25






If you make a stake on Real Madrid and unfortunately they don’t succeed in winning or making a tie, then your stake is lost. Winning your Asian Handicap of 1.25 is essential! For instance, If Real Madrid scores a win, but has only 1 goal then your bet is lost by half. The other half is back in your pocket. However, If Real Madrid scores a win with 2 goals or even more, then you have won your bet. Observe that it doesn’t have importance that you have made a win or a loss. The importance of having the ability to win on parts or have a loss is what the double Asian Handicapping represents.


Asian odds is a brilliant method to make stakes on every sport that you wish to. Comparable to the United Stated and Britain markets the person or team who is a favorite is invariably being presented with a minus symbol, while the other one is with a plus symbol. If the bets are made on the favorite they should better or tie the handicap.

For instance, let’s pick Britain -1.5 versus Italy +1.5 on a typical place where these international matches are held. It is easy to proceed now. If your stake is for Britain then the win must be with higher or the same of 2 goals, so that you can claim your earnings. Anyway, no refund is being given for half bets. If Italy has the stakes then the only possibilities and outcomes are to be a loser or a winner. If for some reason, Italy scores a win or makes a tie then you should be extremely lucky. But, if Italy manages to lose with minus 2 goals or even higher then you should be pity that your stake is lost for eternity.


To sum up, I believe that I was quite useful about this topic. The basis of the information provided above is mainly the meanings you should know as they are quite essential when you have to make stakes in betting centres around the world. You may face difficulties at the very beginning, but don’t worry as you will get the hang of it quite soon! Be patient and the money will soon be delivered to you.



Sports Spread Betting Tutorial

Sports spread betting is a method which makes the same, or perhaps active market for everybody who has made a stake, indeed when the result of a match may seem affected from only 1 rival in specific stake. Basketball is the sport in which spread betting can be seen commonly. Volleyball, Football or different sports are the one which the betting centre can plan to make the same market.

Regularly we witness matches, where the team who is much greater than the other may have permanent odds showing that he is the favorite in this match.

It is common to bet on a team or a player who is the favorite in a certain match. But, spread betting offers a great variety of results and the whole stake is if the result goes up or down. This is not the case where we guess if a certain team or player will be a winner or a loser.

As sport spread betting plans to make the same amount of stakes on either teams or players, the chance to guess who the winner is 50/50.

For instance, the betting centre offers a spread of 9.5 points in a specific match:

Mississippi – New York (+9.5)

Home Odds – 1.91, Away Odds- 1.91

* Make a stake of 100$ on Mississippi to earn -9.5 points at 1.91 odds. In order to earn your stake, Mississippi has to beat New York with around 10 points contrast. If Mississippi succeeds, you will earn 100$ X 1.91 = 191$. The pure money is: 191$ – 100 = 91$. The majority of online betting centres have a half of a point contrast, so that to evade any potential draws where the cash goes back. However, If Mississippi doesn’t succeed in beating New York with higher of 10 points it doesn’t have significance if Mississippi wins or loses. Your stake is completely lost.

* But, if you have made a stake on New York to beat Mississippi with +9.5 points at 1.91 odds, in order to earn something, New York must not make a loss with higher than 9 points, it doesn’t have importance, even if they score a win, or lose the game with everything below 9 points difference.

The most common use of spreads is as half-point fractions to remove the chance of scoring a tie result.

A teaser bet is a version of spread that has a choice which enables the gambler to change the spread into his advantage from a decided difference. For instance, if the initially fixed odds were Mississippi -9.5, the gambler has the ability to change the odds at both sides. But, If the gambler is certain in huge win for Mississippi, he can change the odds to -15.5 and achieve bigger odds than even odds are and also on the other side, he can change the odds to less than 9.5 and get odds less than even odds are. In both situations he is altering the promised chance to one of the teams, but in the meantime he is altering the odds to each of the teams.


Asian odds is believed to be a useful technique when making sport stakes. Lately, we have seen the appearance of the Asian Handicapping, however this name was invented from a columnist who used to work for a betting centre in Indonesia. Before we all know it as Asian Handicap, the name “hang cheng betting” was used by many betting centres and punters. Moving along we shall regard it as Asian odds.

It all started with being famous in the countries in the near East, but now we can track it that it is going to achieve new positions in the West countries. Below, I will explain you how with the use of Asian odds you can earn money and what actually do they involve.


To explain it easier Asian Handicap ensures 2 results, fixed odds, spread betting option on diverse sporting occasions. The spread, or handicaps assured can shed from zero points, famous as DNB or draw no bet, to several points. Being more equally mixed the betting thing is lower the whole spread. For example, If Tottenham margin a nice part in The Football Association Challenge Cup against Fullham, I suppose that the whole spread will be difficult.


It is wise to know that the Asian odds commonly supply the person who bets with a great opportunity to earn money. Mainly because the vig, or essence commonly isn‘t lesser from the time you stake 1X2 with a classic betting centre for an example. The majority of betting centres in Europe rate up to 10%, provided that you desire to stake on football. Asian Handicap is commonly proposed with a grip for the betting centres with a minimum of 2.5 percent. All of this states that you will get extra cash for every stake you make.

Something unusual but beneficial is that the gamblers obtain a comprehensive oversight over the stake by using the existing diversified Asian odds. Moreover, if you make a stake 1X2 odds you have to multiplier that you are trading with all 3 results. Asian odds relate with 2 results. Stating that, you will have the opportunity to earn your stake by parts or to have a recovery of your bet or maybe miss half of your bet in the similar 1 stake. You can learn about this by studying the 2nd article I have written.

Despite the fact, it is too simple to make stakes on 2 results, anyway using your special abilities you have acquired from making stakes, you will be able to be accurate in doing it correctly. If your 6th sense is around you and you have been provided with excellent knowledge about the match, Asian Handicap certainly suggest forecast precision over the drawing than 1X2 which seems to be a spoiled choice.

If you have the ability to be modest at selecting your stakes you will realize that from trying the Asian Handicapping will lead to less hesitation when using your finances. The earnings will increase because of the facts that there is no tie to end your happiness, and the cash from recoveries and stakes earned from parts will definitely be boosting your income.


Asian Handicapping is commonly being used for making stakes on soccer, however with the rapid increasing of their use we will soon see a new era in many other sports. Our statistics will provide you clear information about every event or match. Benefit from it and you will definitely observe that soon you will have increased your winning potential.


To add that you should read our betting centre review page to search for reliable betting centres on the Internet who would suggest Asian Handicapping. You might already be aware that many betting centres on the Internet suggest irresistible good Asian Handicapping for everyone and shouldn’t be missed! Studying out the betting centre review page will surely make you warned and make your bets safe.


Arbitrage Betting (Sure bet, surebets) - Review


Arbitrage betting (sure bet, surebets) is a system famous for being cost-free. It cannot provide you immediate money for a short period of time but the fact that it involves zero risk in your bets is what makes in unique of its kind.

I will explain you now how this system works. For instance, take a sample match between Manchester United versus Tottenham. The trick is to find a bookmaker which provided a odds 1.80 for Manchester and 2.10 for Tottenham and a complete opposite bookmaker which claims that Tottenham is going to be the winner and has same odds but for Tottenham. If you bet 100$ on Manchester in the first bookmaker and another 100$ for Tottenham, no matter which will be the winner you will earn 10$. Observe that you have placed a total bet of 200$ on both bookmakers and the final outcome is 110$, so this is quite a profitable system.

Arbitrage betting (sure bet, surebets) on paper

There are few different types of arbitrage. Using this method with bookmakers is one of the most famous and it has the benefit of various odds suggested by various betting centres. To make it
simpler I will put again the same same teams – Manchester United and Tottenham. The odds in one betting centre is 1.30 for Manchester and 3.50 for Tottenham while in other betting centre it will be a little more increased – Manchester will have 1.44 and Tottenham – 2.90. Betting centres have built a unique regulation which states that the whole money of the opposite of every result of a match shall be higher than 1. In the match I mentioned:

Betting Centre 1 - 1.30-1 + 3.50-1 = 1.055 and

Betting Centre 2 - 1.44-1 + 2.90-1 = 1.039

It is known as “balanced books” and from this method betting centres have winning from every match no matter how it finishes. In the model, betting centre 1 assumes to gain profit about 5.5% from stakes of this match, while betting centre 2 will get 3.9%.

This is the moment were we meet the arbitrage. The trick is to search various odds at various betting centres which will lead to an outcome as below 1. In situations where betting centres possess diverse views about the final result and actually from this can be earned money. For instance, when Belgium has a volleyball game with some other team, Belgium betting centres will put smaller odds on their team, while their rival will have pompous odds for win.

In the match I used for example, to make a stake on Manchester United at the 2nd betting centre and for Tottenham in the first one should have this:

1.44-1 + 3.50-1 = 0.98

To make a stake of 1000$ on Manchester United at betting centre 2 and a $414.43 (1000 x (1.44 / 3.50)) on Tottenham at the 1st betting centre. You will gain around 28.57$ cash, no matter who will be the winner.

Arbitrage (sure bet, surebets) on practice

No matter the fact that there is no risk involved, there a lot of problems every gambler faces.

Arbitrage evanescence exists. To make an arbitrage you will have around 15 minutes and you must be quick! Without fast action, “arber” could miss to cover all outcomes and arbitrage would transform to a high-stake bet.

Human mistakes will cost a large sum of money. The number of bets is numerous like the betting centres – countless. To search for an arbitrage by yourself is a hard task for which you should invest a lot of time and endeavors. A large number of special accumulators and programs can decrease the chance of person’s mistakes, but mistakes can happen no matter what. Because of the numerous amount of bets or maybe because of being too excited can lead to a misplaced stake or to calculate wrongly the final result – all of these options can lead to a failure.

Betting centres occasionally put some quite big odds than their rivals. Generally, it can end in stopping the bets for the whole match. This is a great risk because the arber has a stake which is still placed in the other betting centre. He must be responsive and quick to replace the bet and lower the loss.

The legality which the arbitrage offers is unique, however no betting centre approves fully this method. The betting centres which believe that arbitrage is being used they impose quite a little maximum bet which stops you from winning anything. Some other steps are to have the ability to deposit cash quickly, but not to have the same ability when withdrawing the money.

Different forms of Arbitrage 

Back-lay sports arbitrage is fundamentally identical as to use betting centres, only the location is changed.
Bonus arbitrage can be used from every betting centres that uses it when you sign up for the first time. The sum of money you get as a money ranges from 5$ to 250$ maximum, however the rule is to make stakes with the bonus 2-3 times before you can take it. Arbitrage uses the bonus to replace real cash, although the result is used from another person’s profile. The benefit is that arber doesn’t has to search for an authentic arbitrage, because the least loss will result in cash for you.


Arbitrage offers zero risk in your bets while, in the meantime you can earn some profit. Although, it is not as simple as you see it, you need to save time, efforts and a lot of hours.