Online Payment Account eWallets


What are eWallets, Digital Wallets

The NETELLER Account is a free online payment account that you can use to make deposits and pay for goods on thousands of sites. You can use your eWallet, also referred to as a digital wallet, to accept payments from other sites or individuals.
Many members come to NETELLER after their debit or credit cards are declined on a merchant site or because they don’t want to enter their card information on multiple sites. Whether you want to pay online, send money or get paid, the NETELLER eWallet offers you a fast, simple and secure alternative to traditional payment methods.

How to get an eWallet

Getting an eWallet is free and easy. Simply follow these three steps.
1. Click “Join Now” on the site
2. Enter your personal details
3. Start using your new eWallet

How to use it

Once you get your eWallet, it’s up to you how you want to use it.
There are two main types of eWallet transactions – money in and money out. Since your eWallet will be empty until you put some money in, we’ll talk about those transactions first.

Money in

You have two options for getting money into your eWallet – using one of our many deposit options or cashing out from a merchant site.
Making a deposit to your eWallet
NETELLER offers many instant and local options for funding your NETELLER account, including free debit card deposits, local bank deposits, credit cards, international bank transfers, and many other local options depending on where you live. 

Cashing out

If you have money on a merchant site that you’d like to cash out, you can save time and money by cashing out directly to your eWallet. NETELLER will never charge you fees for these types of transactions.

Money out

Once you’ve funded your NETELLER account, there are many options for getting your money out.
Deposit funds to your favourite site
Send money to an individual online using our Money Transfer service
Use one of our convenient withdrawal methods*
Get a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® for instant access to your funds at ATMs and everywhere MasterCard® is accepted**
* You must verify your eWallet account before you can withdraw funds from it.
** Availability varies by country.