The use of Martingale system dates back when shortly after the roulette was invented. This method of betting is all about putting twice the amount every time you score a loss and starting from the beginning, if you win. For example, you have made a bet of 20$ on a match that has odds 2 and you lose the bet then you have to double this with 40$ with the same odds. If you have missed the opportunity to win then you have to double the bet again and again until you make the final win.

 An example of how the Martingale system works

 STEP 1 - 1st Bet – Stake 20$ = Lost
 STEP 2 - 2nd Bet – Stake 40$ = Lost
 STEP 3 - 3rd Bet – Stake 80$ = Lost
 STEP 4 - 4th Bet – Stake 160$ = Lost
 STEP 5 - 5th Bet – Stake 320$ = WON (So, we go back to the first step = 20$)
 STEP 1 - 6th Bet – Stake 20$ = WON (We won again. It means we go on with first step)
 STEP 1 - 7th Bet – Stake 20$ Lost (We jump on Step 2 for next bet)
 STEP 2 - and so on.

 From all the mentioned you can see that the 5th stake was the winning one. The winning bet equals every time the first stake you made. If it is 20$ and you have won around the 8th bet, you will be awarded your first 20$. This is how the Martingale system is based.

 Finally, it has been proven that this system only works if you have an infinity amount of money, so as to be able to cover the losses. Furthermore, if you are planning to use the system to make stakes then have in mind that in the long-term there will be a long streak of losses which you won’t be able to cover unless you fulfill the requirement of having an infinity amount of money.